Acute Knee Injury Advice


What to Do if You Have Suffered an Acute Knee Sports injury

If you have recently injured your knee playing sports or other activity, here is some advice to follow while you seek care.

Firstly, REST, ICE & ELEVATE your knee. Ice is best applied for 20 minutes interval while wrapped in a cloth or towel to avoid freezing the skin.

Elevate the limb on some pillow.  Usually you will given crutches and a splint. Avoid wearing the splint and crutches for more than 2 weeks unless specifically instructed to do so. 

Secondly, seek medical care. Usually your GP or emergency doctor will arrange an X-Ray. With acute injuries, an MRI is very helpful. The Medicare  now offers rebates for GP ordered Knee MRIs after acute injury .

FInally - don't panic. Most sports knee injuries have a great prognosis if treated promptly and with expert care.