Unicompartmental Knee Replacement.jpeg

Partial Knee Replacement

Patients with osteoarthritis limited to the medial compartment, can consider having a Partial or Unicompartmental Knee Replacement (UKR).

The benefits are a smaller incision, faster recovery, less pain and less complications.  The major drawback is that the longevity of your prosthesis  is slightly less than a Total Knee Replacement, mainly because the other compartments of the knee become arthritic, or the prosthesis loosens or wears. 

90% of partial replacements will still be functioning at 12 years after implantation.  About 5% of UKR have other problems such as scarring, loose bodies or meniscal tears that require arthroscopic day surgery correction. Patients who have cruciate ligament tears, rheumatoid arthritis or are very overweight are better suited to TKR.